About Us

About Us

Helping Society Make Better Decisions

Northern Economics has 35 years of experience in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and across the United States providing clarity for our clients through impartial analysis. We seek challenging work in which we use creativity, knowledge, and experience to solve complex issues. Simply put, our expert staff knows where to look and how to weigh multiple variables to interpret data without bias.


Our Values


We believe in doing work the best way we know how, and reporting the results as accurately as possible, without regard for convenience or expedience.


We strive to approach every challenge and question with open minds and impartiality.


We are most likely to obtain excellence by living our personal and corporate values.


We seek work that plays a positive role in our clients’ abilities to make decisions with positive implications for themselves and their stakeholders.


We are our most successful when we acknowledge and rely on the varied talents of our colleagues.


We believe in keeping a sense of humor, and finding time for fun—keeping perspective about what’s most important in life.