About Us

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To help society make better decisions.

Our Values


We believe in doing work the best way we know how, and reporting the results as accurately as possible, without regard for convenience or expedience.


We believe that we are our most successful when we acknowledge and rely on the varied talents of our colleagues.

Diversity of thought and skill is among our greatest strengths; our willingness to harness this diversity distinguishes our best work from work that is just good.

The melding of our inherently diverse ideas and perspectives as individuals generates our best decisions as a group.

We seek out our colleagues’ ideas and talents to enhance our individual development and provide our clients with excellent service and the highest quality work products.


We seek work that plays a positive role in our client’s abilities to make decisions with positive implications for themselves and their stakeholders.

We look for personal meaning in the content and practice of our work.

Our words carry meaning for others and we are mindful of the effect we can have on our peers and our community.


We provide excellent service to our clients and our peers.

We know that perfection is rarely attainable, but we seek excellence in the pursuit of our craft.

We are most likely to obtain excellence by living our personal and corporate values.


We seek balance between work and life, equity owners and non-equity owners, and clients’ needs and our own needs.

We will be able to best serve our clients and our peers when we also take care of ourselves and our families.

The definition of a “balanced life” varies substantially amongst our community and we support and encourage each other to seek the lifestyle that provides each individual with their best balance.


We strive to approach every challenge and question with open minds and impartiality.

Our work provides clarity and different perspectives to important issues through independent analysis and transparent processes.

We value the insights, revelations, and surprises that come from maintaining open minds.


We believe in keeping a sense of humor, and finding time for fun—keeping perspective about what’s most important in life.