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Our People

Marcus Hartley

President and Principal Economist

Marcus Hartley’s work for Northern Economics has focused on issues involving fisheries and fisheries infrastructure. He has also had significant... read more

Patrick Burden

Chairman of the Board and Principal Economist

Since founding the company as a sole proprietor in 1982, Patrick Burden and his colleagues have built Northern Economics into... read more

Mike Fisher

Vice President and Principal Economist

Mike Fisher joined Northern Economics in 2001 and became a principal of the firm in 2015. He holds graduate degrees... read more

Diane Sauer

Office Manager and Principal

As office manager for Northern Economics, Diane Sauer has a vast array of important duties and responsibilities. Such duties include:... read more

Logan Blair

Staff Consultant

Logan Blair joined Northern Economics in 2014 for a summer internship, after which he worked remotely on select projects while... read more

Leah Cuyno

Senior Economist

Leah Cuyno joined Northern Economics in May 2001. She earned a doctoral degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree... read more

Mike Downs

Senior Social Scientist

Mike Downs has over 35 years of experience as a senior social scientist, project director, and project manager on complex... read more

Gary Eaton

Staff Consultant

Gary Eaton specializes in applied economics, with a focus on fisheries and aquaculture resources. Drawing on his academic background in... read more

Terri McCoy

Publication Specialist and Proposal Coordinator

Northern Economics’ editor, Terri McCoy, has over 15 years’ experience editing and formatting technical reports, and is proficient with Microsoft Word... read more

Don Schug

Socioeconomic Analyst

Don Schug has had a working relationship with Northern Economics since 2000 and joined the firm in July 2001. His... read more