Business Economics

Northern Economics has a rigorous approach to business economics. We believe a reliable and effective business analysis requires significant communication between client and consultant. Multiple stages are involved as we move from the baseline concept to assessing demand to itemizing business operations:

Market Analysis
Our recommended approach begins with a market analysis to define the market’s demand for a particular service or product. Northern Economics’ staff has expertise in a wide range of markets in Alaska and around the world. When we are not the market experts, we can find those who are.

Financial Analysis
When a concept shows potential for strong demand, we begin by evaluating the financial elements of the operation. Northern Economics’ staff has expertise in numerous fields and knows where to find industry details that are necessary to build a defensible financial model.

Risk Analysis
Our experts in Risk Analysis can help you pinpoint the areas of your plan that are critical to success. Even the best plans have risk, and understanding those risks is the key to long-term success.

Business and Operations Plans
When concepts show sufficient demand and financial sustainability, we help our clients prepare a sound business plan to secure further financing or commence actual operations. With years of experience and access to the latest economic and financial data, the experts at Northern Economics can assist you with new ventures or strengthening current operations.