Community and Regional Economics

Northern Economics has studied the impacts of various potential projects on regional economies based on the direct, indirect, and induced employment; labor income; value added benefits/costs; and tax revenues.

For projects ranging in scale from a washeteria in a remote Alaska village to a new multi-million dollar convention center for Alaska’s largest city, Northern Economics has helped our clients take community development projects from concept to reality. In order to realize client communities’ potential, Northern Economics puts feet on the ground to understand the issues they face and then finds the set of tools that will enable them to grow. Using this philosophy, Northern Economics has applied regional economic modeling, land use studies, diversification studies, and funding and fee structure studies to develop comprehensive economic development strategies (CEDS), and implementation plans that allow communities to grow strong.

These strategies are only effective if they are implemented. That is why Northern Economics specializes in developing practical, cost-effective solutions. These projects help communities and regions improve their financial situation by diversifying their economies through the expansion of existing industries and the development of new ones. Northern Economics’ experts are ready to help your community unlock its full potential.