Our People

Don Schug

Socioeconomic Analyst

Don Schug has had a working relationship with Northern Economics since 2000 and joined the firm in July 2001. His work with Northern Economics has focused on socioeconomic issues involving fisheries, oil and gas development, and a wide array of other subjects. Don has particular expertise preparing environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, including evaluation of economic, social and community, and environmental justice impacts.

Don has more than twenty years of experience performing analyses of the economic and social aspects of fisheries and fisheries management at the community, national, and international levels. For example, his doctoral research in Papua New Guinea entailed an ethnographic study of artisanal fisheries in the Torres Strait, while his duties as an economic planner in American Samoa included monitoring changes in the highly industrialized U.S. tuna harvesting and processing sectors. Don’s fisheries-related research and applied work has taken him to many places in the United States and abroad. He has worked extensively in the Pacific islands, including Polynesia (Hawaii and American Samoa), Micronesia (Kiribati) and Melanesia (Papua New Guinea). This island hopping reflects his love for travel as much as his career interests.

Don believes that solutions to many of our natural resource management problems can only be achieved through the integration of information from a range of scientific disciplines, including economics, biology, sociology, and anthropology. As a result, he especially enjoys working with a team of people that can provide a wide range of perspectives and skills.