Our People

Gary Eaton

Staff Consultant

Gary Eaton specializes in applied economics, with a focus on fisheries and aquaculture resources. Drawing on his academic background in finance and economics, he frequently employs analytical methods and tools from both fields in his often interdisciplinary project work. Gary holds an B.A. in Finance from Western Washington University and a M.S. in Applied & Natural Resource Economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Gary joined Northern Economics, Inc. in August of 2012 as an intern. After completing a second internship in July of 2013, Gary was hired permanently as an analyst, which he remained while working through graduate school. For his master’s thesis, Gary pioneered a framework for evaluating the impacts of ocean acidification on Pacific oyster demand in Washington State.

Gary was born and raised in Washington State. His passion for fisheries and aquaculture stem from growing up on the beaches of the Hood Canal and Washington’s Pacific Coast. Gary also frequented the Methow Valley in Eastern Washington, where his family often visited their small vacation cabin.