Our People

Leah Cuyno

Senior Economist

Leah Cuyno joined Northern Economics in May 2001. She earned a doctoral degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from Michigan State University, both in Agricultural and Applied Economics with a specialization in environmental economics. Leah’s dissertation research involved assessing the risks of pesticide use on human health, non-target species, and the environment, and determining society’s willingness to pay to reduce these risks. For her master’s thesis, she developed a framework for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a nonpoint source pollution control program in Michigan. Prior to joining Northern Economics, Leah worked as an economist for a non-government organization specializing in resource economics and environmental policy in the Philippines.

Leah’s work at Northern Economics focuses on assessment of economic and fiscal impacts of infrastructure/development projects. Her field of interest is in the energy sector and she has been closely involved in oil and gas issues and rural energy issues in Alaska.