Our People

Logan Blair

Staff Consultant

Logan Blair joined Northern Economics in 2014 for a summer internship, after which he worked remotely on select projects while completing his master’s degree in resource management at Central Washington University. His master’s thesis estimated the economic impacts of forest defoliators, such as insects and fungi, in Washington State by observing real estate price behavior. Logan has been involved in research ranging from local water markets to oil and gas and is particularly passionate about marrying geo-spatial information and technology, such as GIS and remote sensing, with economic analysis.

Logan was born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska and has lived in both Washington State and Istanbul, Turkey. His upbringing in Alaska, and diverse experiences since, have led to an interest in natural resource economics and to the understanding that each place, however different, faces some type of natural resource constraint.

Outside of work, Logan enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, and bowling.