AK LNG Project

This project is being conducted for a consortium of Applicants including ExxonMobil Alaska LNG, BP Alaska LNG, ConocoPhillips Alaska LNG, and the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation. When it became apparent that new technologies were resulting in surplus natural gas production in the Lower 48 states, thus making the Alaska Pipeline Project uneconomic, a decision was made to try and monetize North Slope natural gas by exporting LNG to foreign markets. The project proponents are working towards submitting a new application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build the Alaska LNG Project for exporting LNG to foreign markets. As in the previous project, the work involves evaluating the socioeconomic effects (economic, fiscal, and demographic) of the project at the local, regional, and statewide level. This socioeconomic information will be submitted to FERC as Resource Report 5. The information will be used by FERC’s third party contractor to prepare the environmental impact statement for the project.